Sunday, August 16, 2009

New @ Blogging

As a child I got a diary as a fundraiser incentive in, I believe, third grade. I was really good at writing in it everyday about how I got in a fight with my brother, or how my parents were mean. But that only lasted about a month, then it was pretty spaced out between my writings. And once I was into middle school and high school, my writings pretty much only came when I first started to like a boy, then when a relationship ended. Though apparently when I "re-met" my husband, I didn't think it was diary-worthy material. (Or maybe my diary-writing days were well over.)

I'm pretty new to blogging. Well, I should say, I used them about three years ago. But, I only did two posts, and it was for a class I was taking in graduate school. (In fact, this is the same account I made three years ago for class... I actually remembered the user name and password!)

Well, we shall see how I do on this new endeavor, this new public diary!

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