Saturday, October 3, 2009

The End of Homecoming Week

Tonight's dance (which I am not chaperoning this year) marks the end of Homecoming week! This week has really shown how awesome our freshman class is this year. In my years, I don't believe that I have ever seen a freshman class come in anything but last place for homecoming. Since they are new, they don't always know what is going on, so don't always do quite as well as the other classes.

On Tuesday, we had a dodge ball tournament. Whenever there are any competitions, the first match-up is always seniors vs. freshmen (so it's almost a guaranteed loss). With five seniors left and one freshman girl left, everyone was pretty sure that the seniors were going to win (as usual). This one freshman girl, single-handedly took down the five seniors one-by-one, and won their match-up with the seniors! It was awesome to watch! Her whole class jumped off the bleachers and huddled around her jumping and cheering. The next round they lost, taking 2nd place in the tournament.

All week the class totals were announced, but on Friday at the end of the pep rally, all points are in, and the final totals are announced, marking the winning class. Our dean of students stood up in the middle of the gym, reminding everyone that this is all for fun, then shaking his head, read off the totals... "Fourth place... the sophomores" (cheering came from the sophomore section) "In third place..." (and this was a longer pause) "...the juniors" (the freshmen section broke out cheering, the juniors sat on their bleachers, and the seniors waited nervously) "Second place..." (again, another long pause) "... the freshmen" (cheering broke out from both the freshmen and senior sections so loud that you couldn't even hear the announcement that seniors had taken first place.)

What a great spirited week! Now back to normalcy and kids actually doing their homework! :) That makes for a happy teacher.

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