Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pushing Buttons...

I've never been good at video games, I never really played them as a child. The few times I did play with the neighbor boys, I was getting stuck in corners, never knowing which button to push!

I figured out how to play the Wii we got, as there aren't many buttons, and it's often motion controlled. But my husband's Playstation 3 finally was replaced by Sony (after much arguement with Sony... don't even get me started on that one!), and he's been wanting me to learn how to play. I played a "simple," fun game yesterday at our friends' house. There's the X button, the triangle, the square, and the circle... two joysticks, a "d-pad", then two "R" and "L" buttons... HA! I got the running around part with one of the joysticks, but the rest of it... let's just say, I died a lot!

I talked to my husband about my fustration in playing games with such a complicated control, and after, I realized something. Men have to figure out all of the buttons that women have, so when it comes to figuring out buttons on a game controller, it's so much easier, because they're right there in front of you!

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