Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Letter that Will Never Be Read...

Dear Big Government,

I know some people call you Uncle Sam, but I really don't think calling you Uncle is the right word. Uncles would look out for us, and I don't think you are.

My main concern, right now, is that Health Care Bill you are trying to pass. I know it is supposed to be "free" for everyone. Let's face it, we all know what the word "free" means when it comes from you. All the people that pay taxes are going to be paying more in taxes to fund this bill. But, those that aren't paying taxes will be taking full advantage of (what is for them) free health care. Right now, for my entire family (even if I had 10 kids right now), it costs us $20/ month. That's it. If I choose to go into the doctor's office, I pay a minimal $10 copay, and that is all. If I need medication, I pay another small copay. It's all very minimal, in fact, some would say it's darn cheap.

I know there is a seperation of church and state, but as a Catholic, I cannot be funding "free" abortions for people who were sleeping around and made their own "mistake." If they are making their own "mistakes" then they can be aborting them on their own dime, or they can decide to use your "free" health care to carry and deliver their "mistake" and then give their "mistake" up for adoption. As I am sure there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to love their "mistake."

Now, since I love my health insurance so much, and would much rather keep it than pay into your "free" health care, I would like to make a deal with you. No matter how big our family becomes over the years, you will not tax my family more that $20/ month, and then I may consider your health care option. But I have other concerns...

My insurance right now will let me pick any doctor I wish to see. So if I need to have surgery, I can find the surgeon that has the most success at this procedure. If the doctor is not "in network" or doesn't accept my insurance, I pay a little more out-of-pocket, to make sure that I have the best. I don't need to wait months and months to have surgery, because the doctors typically have openings within a month (or so depending on the severity, i.e. is it an emergency?). I may also consider your health care option (I don't know why I call it an "option" when you are forcing all tax-paying US citizens to pay for and enroll in your health care), if I still have these options, and I don't have to wait in long lines to be seen.

Another issue I'm for seeing, is the loss of a ton of jobs. I hear on the radio how Mr. Obama is trying to create new jobs by throwing tax-payers money at this and that. But if you take over health care, everyone in the health insurance industry will be loosing their jobs, along with some that are in general insurance (where you can also get health insurance). Does that mean once we are out of this recession, that in 5 years when the "insurance" part of this bill takes effect, that we will start to see another recession?

Which, actually brings me to another point. Isn't the United States of America a place where everyone has the freedom to make their own choices? Isn't our country, one that strives to not have monopolies, so that we do have the freedom to choose? How are you not going to have a monopoly on health coverage if you are forcing everyone to "choose" your "free" health care "option?"

I really think a better bet for your Health Care Bill would be to have it be another option for people to enroll in. Those that choose to go with big government health insurance, can pay whatever tax amount you will be charging your citizens. Those that choose to have the health insurance we have can keep it and not pay a penny more.


Your "niece" that would love to sever connections with you if you pass this bill,


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  1. I know someone who wasn't happy with the health insurance that they got through work, went out and shopped around for insurance, and found it cheaper than they could get it at their place of employment. You can't tell me that decent, affordable health care is not out there. There are so many options, if you shop around for health insurance, like you shop around for car insurance, chances are you'll find something. Granted it might get a little more complicated for those with "pre-exsisting conditions," but then let's fix that problem. What the government is trying to do, is put yet more control over our lives, which is not what America was founded on.