Monday, January 4, 2010

What I Would Say to Other Drivers

I've always wished that I had one of those scrolling light-up headliner attached to the rear window of my car (or sometimes the front or side...). There are so many things I wish I could tell drivers as they are being idiots on the road. Here is a list I've compiled so far of "pre-set" headlines I would like... feel free to comment and leave you own.

Even if you tail me, my cruise control won't set itself faster.

Even if you tail me, the car in front of my won't go any faster.

1 blink, once you've already cut me off, does NOT count as a blinker.

Yes, you may cut me off, your time is MUCH more important than mine.

See that sign there? It says the speed limit is ___!

Why in God's name would you be doing 1/2 the speed limit with your 4-ways on in the left lane?!

See that sign, with the bent arrow pointing left? See how it's crossed out? It means you can't turn left!

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